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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Parsa Anthropology

Oslonor: Parsa is a new Website promoting Azeri ideology. According to Parsa the following is Iranian Anthropology. As you see there is not a word of Persian, Azeri, Kurd, Turkoman, Arab and other ethnic groups in their anthropology. Instead they describe Caucasian, Gracile Meditaranean and Pontid and Alpinid and Dinaric. The last statement is a good description of their anthropology. It states that there are no Iranians in the pictures and that is the only correct statement in their anthropology. Both Kurds and Azeris are the same race according to their anthropology. They call them Dinaric and Armenoid and they live in North Western Iran. This way Azeris turn into Aryans because they claim that Azeris are actually Medes or Kurds. For Irano-Afghan race fraud please visit here And for a descriptions of the people of Iran visit here and for the Origin of Persians check here.

What is interesting is that they claim Persian Bakhtiary's are of Alpinid race and they usuallly claim in other sources that Bakhtiary's have immigrated from Lebanon to Iran! The reason for that is Lebanonese are of Alpine race!! Actually Bakhtiary's originate from Parthians and they have immigrated from North Eastern Iran to Pars province and there is nothing Alpinid about them. All this to prove that Azeris are Medes despite all historical evidence that Azeris do not originate from Medes but originate from Turks.

Iranian Anthropology According to Parsa

Iran is certainly heterogenous in its physical composition. Racially Iran is overwhelmingly Caucasian, only small minority groups differ. The main composition is the Mediterranean subrace. But the Mediterranean race is huge and sub-divided into multiple groups. The gracilized Mediterranean type, the most purest Mediterranean, is far more common in Arabia and more or less a small minority in Iran.

Along with other Mediterranean types such as the Atlanto-Mediterranid, Pontids, and an
unusual coastal Mediterranid type, these Mediterranean subraces comprise a small portion of the population. Indeed these are found mostly in Southwestern Iran.

Dinaric subrace, represented mostly by Armenoids. Although widespread throughout Northern, Western, and Central Iran, it increases in frequency towards the NorthWest of Iran, the closer one gets to the Caucasus mountains.

The main composition of Iran is in the Irano-Nordoid or Irano-Afghan subrace. This branch of the Mediterranids comprises the overwhelming majority in Iran. This long-faced type is the main element on the Plateau.

Alpinids are
also found in to a small degree, especially in the Western mountains among Bakhtiari tribes. They are relatively insignificant and will not be discussed.

NOTE: Not all pictures are of Iranians, but all illustrate the basic physical types.

Parsa Anthropology

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oslonor and Parsa

I would like to respond to this blog about Oslonor. My response is in brown color. Oslonor

One of the worst offenders is the so-called "Oslonor." He is not Iranian, nor has he visited Iran yet he makes ludicrous claims that the orginal Aryan Iranians were Nordics. Oslonor: I have not claimed that. He constantly uses misleading pictures to prove his point and continue his blatant racism. Oslonor: Why pictures of Persians are misleading? Oslonor believes that only 20% of Iranians are "white" and the rest are Azeris or bastardized Turks. Oslonor: Azeri are not bastardized Turks whatever that means. Azeris are simply turks. He claims that Azeris are trying to take over Iran. Oslonor: Actually Azeris have taken over Iran already. All Iranians may be white. But I am talking about how Americans and Europeans view Iran. They consider about %20-25 of Iranians as European looking whites. If all Iranians looked like Germans then we would not have racism against Iranians in Europe and US. Azeris are Iranians too. They only share some Turkic culture, not genetics. Oslonor: If Azeris are not Turks then what are they? Also it should be pointed out that over 98% of Iranians, Azeris included are genetically Caucasian or "white." Oslonor: I have no problem that Azeris are Caucasians and Whites whatever that means. All citizens of Iran are Iranians. That includes Jews, Arabs, Assyrians and others. But Iranian does not mean Persian. You can be of any ethnic group. That is my point. If by Iranian you mean in anthropological sense such as Persians, Afghans, Pashtuns, Tajiks etc are Iranians then Azeris are definitely not Iranian. Azeris are Turks. This is his main blog about Persians and Azeris. Here he claims that real Iranians are "blonde" Nordics and that the rest are Azeris. Oslonor: Actually it is opposite. I posted the picture of Diane Sawyer with blond hair and blue eyes and stated that she is not an Aryan. She is anglo-saxon. Then I posted a picture of a dark hair and dark eye Persian girl and stated she is an Aryan. Check my blog here: Nordic or Nordish This is a blatantly racist and insulting blog, claiming the Achaemenians were Turkicized barbarians who raided and killed people. Oslonor: Actually this article is from Azerbaijan Baku Today. I am just presenting what Azeri nationalist say. Another racist blog insulting Azeris. Be warned Oslonor has plenty of other blogs and articles than those posted here. This is an article he has written in an otherwise respectable site. While he is right to claim the Islamic Republic commits atrocities, they are Islamists, not Azeris. Oslonor: They are both Islamist and Azeris. This is his forum. Fortunately it has not grown much. Do not trust any sources which are associated with oslonor. Oslonor: We have 54 members on our Forum and 30 members on our Yahoo group and our membership is growing everyday. We actually have more members than your forum which has 40 members.

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